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Tue 21–Sun 26 February 2017 Meditation in Action: Karma Yoga Retreat including Shivaratri
Thu 02–Sun 05 March 2017 The Next Step: Experiencing Ashram Life
Thu 30–Sun 02 April 2017 Emotional Healing through Chanting and Meditation
Wed 12–Mon 17 April 2017 Tattwa Shuddhi: Awakening to our Essential Being Places now full - waiting list just started
Tue 25–Sun 30 April 2017 Yoga Therapy for Vitality, Longevity and Stress Management
Thu 25–Sun 04 June 2017 PranaVidya: Exploring Your Energetic Potential
Sun 11–Sun 11 June 2017 Open Day
Thu 06–Sun 09 July 2017 Guru Purnima - Thanksgiving to the Spiritual Teacher/ Teachings
Wed 02–Sun 06 August 2017 Transformative power of Awareness
Wed 09–Sun 13 August 2017 The Song of the Heart with running translation into French by Dhyana Bindu
Sat 26–Wed 30 August 2017 Festival of Yoga: The Sacred Feminine
Fri 29–Sun 08 October 2017 The Chakras: Discovering our Fullest Potential
Thu 12–Sun 15 October 2017 The Mantra OM - Further Training for Yoga Teachers
Thu 26–Sun 29 October 2017 Gyana Yoga and Advaita
Thu 16–Sun 19 November 2017 From Sound to Silence - Mantra Yoga