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Playlist from the dancewave at the recent Music, Sound and Mantra festival

This year’s Festival of Yoga at Mandala Yoga Ashram was filled with chanting, mantra and sound! We also had a Dance Wave, inspired by Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms. Here’s the playlist compiled by Reva, thanks to all the contributing artists….and dancers!
To play the playlist, you would need to have an account with Spotify, or be willing to open a free account.

Yoga at Lughnasa

One of the beautiful gifts of Yoga is that it leads us back to a world of symbols, of myth and meaning. We begin to feel intuitively the meaning behind so-called things and facts, and indeed sense the whisperings and reverberations of worlds that exist behind or above this world. A poignant article by Michael McCann.

Yoga Nidra recording from Reva

This is a classical yoga nidra delivered by resident teacher and team member Reva earlier this year. The relaxation will take about 30 minutes and it is recommended you try to find a space where you will be comfortable and undisturbed for the duration.

Yoga Nidra is offered regularly on courses at the ashram and usually given in the afternoon.  

Recent Satsang with Swami Nishchalananda

Click below for a recent Satsang (Question and Answer session) given by Swami Nishchalananda on the recent Who am I? Reflections on the Nature of Self retreat in the Ashram in late April


Meditation with Swami Nishchalananda

Click below for a recording of a meditation given by Swami Nishchalananda on the recent Who am I? Reflections on the Nature of Self retreat in late April in the Ashram

Swami GyanDharma Satsang

The excerpt given in the recording below is from a recent Satsang (question & answer) session with Swami GyanDharma. He responds to a question on the value of the Durga mantras by illuminating a different perspective on anger: how it can be a spiritual experience if we understand it, and are able to channel it appropriately.


Over the next few months, we are sharing some of the final projects (~7,500 words) written by the graduate teachers from the ashram's recent 2015-17 Yoga Teacher Training Course.

This seventh in the series is from Oxana Weber entitled Prana.  An excerpt from the introduction is given below, and the link to her full project is given at the bottom.


We buried Rachel’s son today. He was just a teenage kid but like so many kids born to HIV mother, he was positive too. So his immune system was weak and he battled infection and lost.

Rachel’s a dear friend. She has such a joy in life and we’ve laughed together a lot. Today she wept the tears of a woman losing a beloved son.

A Tonglen Meditation by Nick Edge

Below is an audio recording of Nick Edge leading a meditation in the Ashram this morning. It is centred around the traditional practice of Tonglen. Nick is leading a course in October on The Kind Heart, as well as other Ashram courses in 2018.


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