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Yogic Rewilding: Towards an Environmental Yoga Therapy

Over the next few months, we will be sharing some of the final projects (~7,500 words) written by the graduate teachers from our recent 2015-17 Yoga Teacher Training Course.

This first in the series is from Olivia Desborough entitled Yogic Rewilding: Towards an Environmental Yoga Therapy.  A brief summary is given below from Olivia, and the link to her full project is given at the bottom.

Swami Satyaprakash

Swami Satyaprakash, who was a very dear friend and supporter of the ashram for many years, died last Thursday afternoon, June 29 2017. Both Swami Nishchalananda and Swami Krishnapremananda give their personal appreciation for who she was.

Morning Meditation by Nick Edge

A short meditation of around 15 minutes which can be practised at home.

The Opening of the Heart Space - part 2

The opening of the heart space is supported by the clarity and spaciousness that arises from the Agya Chakra – the eye of intuition/ insight, and the self-empowerment arising from the Manipura Chakra – the navel centre. Without these twin supports, the opening of the heart can simply lead to becoming overly sentimental or emotional: this only keeps us on an immature level. It can be commonplace to talk about ‘coming from the heart’ yet, without skillful integration with these other chakras, such talk can easily be superficial.

A conversation with Swami GyanDharma on Bhakti Yoga

This is the final interview in the series I have been doing connected to my research on bhakti yoga as part of my project on the ashram’s yoga teacher training course. It was great to spend time with Swami Gyandharma and if you haven’t come across him, i highly highly recommend the courses he runs at Mandala Yoga Ashram a few times a year. These courses are rare gems of simplicity and wisdom.