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A conversation with Swami GyanDharma on Bhakti Yoga

This is the final interview in the series I have been doing connected to my research on bhakti yoga as part of my project on the ashram’s yoga teacher training course. It was great to spend time with Swami Gyandharma and if you haven’t come across him, i highly highly recommend the courses he runs at Mandala Yoga Ashram a few times a year. These courses are rare gems of simplicity and wisdom.

Teaching Yoga

Tariq Dervish, who spent some time living in the Ashram, recently brought his group of Student Yoga Teachers to the Ashram. During their stay Swami Nischchalananda gave the following satsang on the topic of 'Teaching Yoga'.

New Bee Hive at the Ashram

There is much in the media about the plight of the honey bee so it is great that the ashram can help, not as farmers focused on the potential honey yield but as an ally who respects and wants to watch and learn about these beautiful winged creatures. In turn they will pollinate our gardens and our beings, offering us the primordial sound in their Hum and a meditative presence.

Three heartfelt wishes

As part of the current ashram yoga teacher training course, the students were introduced to the Katha Upanishad. This text tells the story of the meeting between Nachiketas, a young boy who symbolises the ideal yoga student, and Lord Yama, a personification of Death, who represents the teacher. In the story Lord Yama asks Nachiketas for three boons (wishes). The ashram students were given an assignment to reflect on which three boons they would choose if given the chance by Death him/ herself.

Swami Vimuktananda

Swami Vimuktananda was released from her physical body yesterday. Although she will be greatly missed, she can now fly free in her return to the Source.

Our love and heartfelt best wishes go to her dear family, friends and her numerous students whose lives and hearts have been touched by the quality of her teaching, the depth of her sharing and her love.