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Practising asanas in the ashram's Sadhana Hall
Asanas are physical postures which help to keep the body healthy by removing tension to bring about deep relaxation. This massages the internal organs, thereby improving their function, and gives greater strength and flexibility to the spine, muscles and joints. 
At the Mandala Yoga Ashram, asanas are generally done more slowly and seemingly gently than other forms of yoga, such as ashtanga. They are still powerful though, making the body stronger and more flexible when practiced regularly over time. This helps us to remain still for meditation.
Movement of the body is often co-ordinated with the breathing and with Awareness of the body, to respect its present capabilities. Awareness is also kept on the mind, emotions and energy. 
Asanas combined with focussed attention and appropriate breathing help to energise and clear subtle energy pathways (nadis) which underlie the physical body. As a result, the mind and body becomes integrated and balanced. This helps us to become more sensitive and perceptive, allowing us to be receptive to insight and intuitive awareness which opens us up to the unexplored regions of our being. 
We strongly advise you to learn asanas from a competent yoga teacher.