Friends of the Ashram

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We give you a warm welcome to join Friends of the Ashram and be part of its ongoing growth and development over the next few years and decades, as it continues to be a centre of yogic excellence, and an invaluable resource for countless seekers such as yourself.

Purpose of Friends of the Ashram

Mandala Yoga Ashram has served as a beacon to genuine spiritual seekers for over 30 years. Each person has approached the Ashram with their own unique needs, whether searching for deeper understanding and insight, or needing fresh inspiration in life, or simply the supportive space to face and release old habitual patterns of behaviour that are otherwise constraining their lives. Whatever the reason, thousands of people have found what they need by spending time in the vibrant and transformative energies of the Ashram.

Swami Nishchalananda (Swamiji) pioneered the Ashram in the early years, and sustained it as it became more established, often through personal sacrifice and ongoing hard work. His example has inspired those of us here now to be passionate about the service we give to the Ashram, giving fully of ourselves, as we hold firm to his vision as to the unique purpose and value of this ashram in today’s world.

As Swamiji becomes less active than he used to be, it is his clear wish that the Ashram continues as a spiritual beacon for many years to come. His vision is for the Ashram to become even more recognised as a centre of yogic excellence; a centre where authentic yoga and meditation is taught, free from isms and dogma, so that this science of awakening and transformation becomes even more accessible in an age where there is such need.

Practical Steps to Joining Friends of the Ashram

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