Meditation - the Essentials: Course Tutors

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Nick Edge is an intuitive meditation practitioner and teacher. He is a born seeker and transmits his teaching with a natural warmth, honesty and humour. He teaches courses in the ashram and in different parts of the UK. He is especially interested in the path of Gyana Yoga - the path of intuitive enquiry and insight.



Swami Krishnapremananda has been practising meditation daily for many years, gradually deepening his understanding and depth of practice. He directs the ashram's Yoga Teacher Training Course, as well as teaching on other courses within the ashram and elsewhere around the UK and Europe. A senior ashram teacher, he delivers the teachings in a clear and accessible way.



Maha Sattwa has been practising yoga and meditation for many years. She has been living in the ashram since early 2013 and is a tutor on the ashram's Yoga Teacher Training Course. She brings a clarity and sensitivity to her teaching of meditation and teaches regularly within the ashram.