A place for awakening qualities of the heart

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A heart in a field next to the ashram

In the present mind-centred era many regard heart-centred feelings, such as love and compassion, as namby-pamby.

Understanding is primarily sought by the intellect which is valued above all other personal qualities. Whilst undoubtably the intellect has its place (it has given us science and technology for instance), it also has limitations and doesn't necessarily bring richness and depth into our relationships with others and the world at large.

As ashram encourages the awakening of heart-centred qualities. Feelings are vital aspects of our human nature and when balanced by mental clarity, commonsense and insight, they add to the quality of our life and understanding. They vastly improve our life by bringing love, caring, empathy and compassion into our relationships, our regard to all creatures and the world in which we live.