A place of focused work

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Focused work during karma yoga in the garden

An ashram is a place of physical, mental and emotional work - where we face our personal problems and negative tendencies, work on them, and become liberated from their often destructive hold on us. (The word ashram is derived from the Sanskrit root shrama, meaning "hard work".)

Time spent in an ashram is often joyful but it can sometimes be difficult: subconscious patterns, often those which we have not acknowledged, start to surface to conscious perception, we become aware of them and accept them.

We become free of negative mental-emotional states, such as depression and lack of self-esteem. The mind becomes a clear reflector of joy, creativity and wisdom.  This lucidity opens us up to insight which can completely transform our vision of what we are and our place in the universe.

Our life blossoms and becomes a voyage of discovery, both inner - exploring the depths of our being - and outer - in our capacity to express ourselves in the world.