A place of karma yoga

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Karma yoga helping to prepare lunch

We have to work to live. The path of karma yoga gives us the possibility of expanding our awareness and deepening perception whilst acting in the world.

One of the best places to get into karma yoga is in an ashram because:

  • In an ashram you generally have no vested interests in the work to be done. This doesn't mean that you are sloppy as you do the work to the best of your ability in the time available - but you are more able to let things happen moment to moment with Awareness.
  • It is difficult to change our attitudes to work in daily life because of habitual patterns of behaviour. In an ashram we are encouraged to be more creative and spontaneous - the environment is non-judgemental. We gain insights into life, our interactions and behaviour, and how they can be harmonised.
  • The set-up and ethos of an ashram are very conducive to karma yoga.