Relaxation and yoga nidra

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One of the 2012-2014 yoga teacher training course students teaching yoga nidra in the hall

Deep relaxation is rarely achieved in our busy lives yet is valuable for our wellbeing to rest the body, calm the mind and allow emotions to settle and be processed. We can then go deeper into our spiritual self.

Yoga nidra is a type of deep relaxation in which one learns to systematically relax, physically, mentally and emotionally, enabling the consciousness to function at a deeper level of awareness. With practice, one becomes aware of the subconscious mind and any blockages which may exist there. Yoga nidra can be used in self-healing, increasing one's creativity and to transform one's personality. Its benefits include:

  • teaching us to relax during the practice - and also in daily life
  • removing stress and tension
  • improving sleep and removing insomnia
  • restoring vital energy
  • enhancing learning and memory
  • inducing wellbeing
  • facilitating childbirth
  • putting us in touch with the subconscious, bringing understanding and elimination of traumas or inhibitions
  • helping us to recognise the roots of problems in our lives
  • inducing the state of meditation
  • helping us to achieve our aims in life.

We strongly advise you to learn yoga nidra from a competent yoga teacher.