International Day of Yoga - Tuesday June 21st 2016

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Mandala Yoga Ashram would like to send a message of good will to all Yoga practitioners worldwide. May your hearts blossom with the gifts of Yoga. In your own way, may you share these teachings with others so that they may also imbibe its enormous and transformative benefits.

What do we all want in life? In brief, we all want to diminish suffering and to find abiding happiness. None of us can escape some kind of suffering during our lives. Yoga gives us the tools to help us face suffering, improve the quality of our lives and to handle our problems in a more constructive and harmonious way. Moreover, Yoga practice opens us up to other dimensions of our being and helps to reveal our deepest potential.  

On this day, you will be linking yourself with millions of other Yoga practitioners worldwide. As such, you will be tuning into a universal energy field that unites us all.

On this day, let our hearts unite in the spirit of Yoga. Even if you don’t have time to practice formal Yoga, share with others, both yogic practitioners and non-practitioners alike. Express the true essence of Yoga by a kind gesture, a smile or any act motivated by the heart.

At Mandala Yoga Ashram, in the evening at 8.00 – 9.00 (UK time), we will chant the Mrityunjaya Mantra 108 times, followed by a meditation for universal peace and goodwill. You are welcome to join us. If you don’t know this mantra then join us in spirit. 

Swami Nishchalananda, (Spiritual Director, Mandala Yoga Ashram)


Today marks the International Day of Yoga which aims to remind us of the immeasurable benefits of yoga in awakening us to a fuller and more joyful expression of life upon this Earth. Today is also the summer solstice which marks the time (in the northern hemisphere) when the sun is highest in the sky before its 6-month descent towards mid-winter. The sun has been a potent symbol for mankind throughout time. It brings light, warmth and energy to our planet, uplifting our spirits and brightening our days. On a deeper level, it also symbolizes the light of Awareness – the ever constant Presence which illuminates the inner life of mind, heart and body. Just as the external sun unconditionally shares its light and warmth with all sentient and insentient beings, so the inner light of Awareness unconditionally illuminates, without any judgment, all the inner patterns of thought, emotion, perception and sensation moment to moment.

The International Day of Yoga was instigated last year on this same day with the aim of highlighting  the timeless benefits of yoga practice that can make such a qualitative difference for our health, well-being and deeper awakening – and indeed, in turn to the health of our planet and international peace. In recent times, the teachings of yoga have quickly spread worldwide, taking on new forms according to prevailing cultures. It is important to remember however that essentially yoga can be practised by anyone and is scientific in its approach. It is not designed specifically to bring commercial or material benefits. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with using yoga in this way it can be a distraction from yoga’s true purpose – which is to provide a means through which the Intelligence of Life can simply and selflessly serve the well-being, peace of mind and inner fulfilment of all.

Here at Mandala Yoga Ashram we continue to live the timeless values and practices of yoga and offer ongoing residential courses, both long and short, and to share these teachings with all who wish to avail themselves of them.

On this day, and indeed all days thereafter, may we all be touched by the timeless teachings and inspiration of yoga and mystical life.

Swami Krishnapremananda