Swami Satyaprakash

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Swami Satyaprakash, who was a very dear friend and supporter of the ashram for many years, died last Thursday afternoon, June 29 2017.

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing on (or rather, returning to the Source) of my dear friend and fellow traveler on the spiritual path Swami Satya Prakash (Ann Fletcher). I first met her in 1985 just after my return from India when I visited Satyananda Yoga Centre (Birmingham) which she had started. We immediate become close confidants and she was a great support in the establishment of Mandala Yoga Ashram (or Satyananda Ashram as it was then called) in Wales. She was a Yogini of high caliber who looked deeply into the nature of life and existence. She was a fantastic Yoga Teacher and she inspired many with her practicality and depth.
I saw her for the last time a few weeks before she died. We spent an afternoon and the following morning in the hospice sharing all kinds of reminiscences with each other. It was a sharing of hearts. I didn't feel that she was scared of her imminent death but rather took it as another adventure in Consciousness.
I will miss her as will many. She will always remain in my heart.
Swami Nishchalananda, spiritual director of the ashram

Swami Satyaprakash was an invaluable mentor in my life for many years, both on a personal and especially on a teacher training level. She was truly dedicated to upholding and disseminating the teachings of Satyananda Yoga, and also a stalwart supporter of Mandala Yoga Ashram through its early years up to the present day.
I always found her generous in willingly sharing her knowledge, experience and understanding in a practical and accessible way with seekers, whether young or old, whether seasoned practitioners and those just stepping onto the path. She was an excellent trainer; thorough in her knowledge, clear in her expression and accessible from the heart to her students.
She was also refreshingly normal and genuine, without any need to put on any ‘airs and graces’. Always honest, she was able to be straight with people when necessary, and simply be herself with both her profound depth of understanding and also her foibles. As such she was easily able to reach out to people, both in her home environment of Birmingham and also as she travelled to teach worldwide.
I was always able to turn to her for guidance, and she continued to mentor me in the way she faced her forthcoming death. I visited her in the hospice about a month before she died, and was struck by her clear acceptance of her impending death, making clear plans for both her funeral and the continuation of the Birmingham Satyananda Yoga Centre into the future. Her practice, she told me, was to be ‘empty’; simply open to the moment. Her eyes were wide open, clearly seeing into the nature of dying, and the beyond. Through her example, she continued to mentor me even as she was approaching her death. She will be missed by many, and always abide in my heart.
Swami Krishnapremananda, senior ashram teacher