Swami Vimuktananda

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Swami Vimuktananda was released from her physical body yesterday. Although she will be greatly missed, she can now fly free in her return to the Source.

Our love and heartfelt best wishes go to her dear family, friends and her numerous students whose lives and hearts have been touched by the quality of her teaching, the depth of her sharing and her love.

The ashram itself has lost a very dear friend, supporter and external teacher. Vimukta first visited the ashram in its very early days in the late 1980s and remained a staunch and generous supporter and visitor throughout the ashram’s first 30 years. She used to say that the ashram was her second home and she seemed to feel so at ease within the simple spiritually-orientated life of the ashram. She enhanced the ashram in so many ways, including through her willingness to give, her understanding of the yogic life, and her clear and grounded approach to teaching.

She could be both forthright and clear, and yet also so kind and generous, always happy to offer her time to those who needed emotional or spiritual support. Her voice when chanting or leading kirtan was exceptionally strong and vibrant. But above all, it will be her humour, the sparkle in her eyes and the love of her heart that will be missed most.

Her life reminds us of the precious yet transient nature of this human life, and of the clear abiding need for yogic or mystical practice (sadhana) that can not only enhance the quality of life but also open the doors of our understanding so that we realise who we essentially ARE beyond birth, time and death.

Swami Nishchalananda, Swami Krishnapremananda, Nick Edge, Maha Sattwa and the ashram team