An unspoken sense of Joy

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Our minds are numbed to the Mystery of existence. This is just the way that life has designed and conditioned the human mind. This numbing may also be due to lack of contact with wise teachings which can open our eyes to new vistas of experience and understanding – that is, to our deepest potential. Only by taking time out from our busy lives – even for short periods – to be really quiet, without the usual distractions such as the internet, TV, socialising etc., can we start to enter into communion with this ever present Mystery. In time, the mind becomes less conditioned and life starts to reveal new meaning and promise: it begins to be suffused with an unspoken sense of Joy. One such path which helps us to open up to this Mystery is traditional Yoga with its transformative potential. In our short life, let us avail ourselves of this precious gift.

Swami Nishchalananda