The Chakras: Discovering our Fullest Potential

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Friday 29 September 2017 to Sunday 08 October 2017
9 days
Directed by Swami Nishchalananda, assisted by Dr Hania Kramlund and Nick Edge

The chakras are symbols that represent specific energy patterns which constitute our embodied nature on all levels. They relate to specific physical organs, nerve plexuses, endocrine glands, emotional responses, mental patterns and psychic experiences that exist within each of us. They function in each moment of our lives and, taken together, they encompass and embrace the entire spectrum of human experience.

Although the chakras are functioning in all of us, they tend to be blocked and imbalanced. Unblocking, harmonising and energising them brings profound changes in our understanding, perception and behaviour. They then become vehicles of self-discovery, enabling us to truly fulfil our lives. Through practice, we can awaken hidden dimensions of our embodied existence. Moreover, by awakening the higher chakras there is a quantum leap in our self-identity and we start to realise the Source of our Being. This is why the chakras are so important in yoga.

This unique course will include in-depth explanations, combined with intensive and guided practical exploration of the chakras. It will emphasise practice, personal insight, experience and transformation.
Working on the chakras opens us up to our fullest potential by deepening our understanding of ourselves and others, as well as enhancing our capacity to act and express ourselves effectively in the world. This not only improves the quality of our life but awakens us to our fundamental identity.

Theory: In this course, we will explain the background to the chakras, including definitions and symbolism. We will also look at the associated physical organs and endocrinal glands, together with the sense of ‘I’, mental and emotional qualities, causes of blockages and imbalance, related ailments, ways of healing and associated mantras.

Practice: During the course, we will work on the chakras both individually and collectively. We will introduce a wide range of yogic techniques which relate directly to the chakras, including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), mudra (evocative gestures), bandha (physio-psychological locks), mantras, visualisation and meditation. These practices will be used in combination in order to move energy into, and through the chakras thereby ensuring a smoother experience of chakra awakening.
Swamiji has a deep experiential knowledge of the chakras, which he skilfully imparts to his students. He has given many courses and retreats on the chakras in the ashram, throughout Europe and in India, initiating many practitioners into their own experiential knowledge of the chakras.

Prerequisites: A minimum of 3 years practice of yoga.

This course is designed for both sincere practitioners who want to deepen their practice and for yoga teachers who want to be able to impart knowledge and experience of the chakras to their students. There will be a running translation into Mandarin for a group of yoga students coming from China.




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