How to Teach Yoga as Therapy for Those with Anxiety and Burnout Syndrome

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Thursday 19 April 2018 to Sunday 22 April 2018
with Dr. Hania Katarina Kramlund (Hari Jyoti)

Meditation and Satsang (Question and Answers) with Swami Nishchalananda

For the last five years Dr Hania has dedicated her work for patients with burnout syndrome. The number of patients suffering from this condition is dramatically increasing year by year.
Being a doctor and a yoga teacher, she has experienced how effective yoga can be when applied as a tool in the healing process.
In this course she would like to share her experience and inspire more yoga teachers to set up specific yoga programmes for these kinds of groups.
During this course you will learn:
•    the physiology and pathology of stress diseases
•    which yogic techniques are most favourable as therapeutic tools
•    how to set up a lesson plan suitable for preventing and relieving the symptoms of burnout
•    interactive work with such groups.
Sleeping disorders are part of the burnout syndrome. Therefore we will also briefly discuss how our modern life-style influences sleep and what practical measures can be used to improve the quality of sleep.
This course is specifically for yoga teachers, and student yoga teachers, who would like to expand their teaching skills into yoga therapy.
Dr. Kramlund is a specialist in family and general medicine in Sweden and has a degree in orthopaedic medicine. She also studied acupuncture for three years in China and Japan. She has practised Yoga for 20 years, became a Yoga Teacher in 2002 and applies yogic techniques with her patients. At the moment, she is working in occupational medicine where she mainly treats patients affected by stress disorders.

Swami Nishchalananda has had a long standing vulnerability in his respiratory system and is therefore highly susceptible to any infectious coughs and colds etc. We therefore kindly ask you to postpone your ashram visit if you have any infectious respiratory condition prior to the start of the course.
If you catch such an infectious condition whilst in the ashram kindly be aware that we will need to ask you to stay in your accommodation space, and certainly away from the hall when teaching is taking place.
If this leaves you undecided about what to do, then please do give the Ashram a call (+44(0)1558 685358) and we can talk to you in person.




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